The online event platform dedicated to your Alumni team

Forumm uses data analytics, reporting metrics and CRM integrations to make your online Alumni events more powerful.

Learn more about your Alumni, and create events that lead to donations.


Harvest meaningful Alumni relationships

Include Alumni from all over the world in your event calendar

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Data Insights

Learn from your events and analyse the data, helping you build an events strategy that your alumni want to engage with.

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CRM Integration

Ease the process of running online events by automating tasks with our CRM integrations.

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Be part of an alumni-focused community that helps each other thrive with regular knowledge-sharing and networking.


Create hassle-free Alumni events

With our easy-to-use event building software



Captivate your Alumni with a custom designed platform that matches your university's brand colours and logo.

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Ticketing & Registration

Say goodbye to needless manual tasks with an automated registration process linked to your CRM.

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Our team is on hand to guide you through your event planning, advising you how to get the most out of your events calendar.


Chat & Networking

Encourage your Alumni to network with public and private chat options, plus video breakout rooms.


Increased speaker and audience interaction

Increase engagement between your guest speaker and Alumni with built in Q&As, polls and live chat.


We're here

What it's like to work with us



"Finally, an event platform built with engaging alumni audiences in mind. Looking forward to seeing Forumm lead the way as it continues to evolve and support alumni affairs events in this new hybrid age."


Be part of our Founding Community!

Help us build the product around your needs and be first to use new features and integrations...

Launching to Alumni teams in early 2023

Have a question? Our team will reply within 24 hours.

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